Air heaters / duct heaters

Electric Volta air heaters are used for the efficient direct heating of flowing air and gaseous media. The electrical energy introduced is transferred almost without loss to thermal energy and passed on to the process.

Thanks to its full vertical range of manufacture and extensive process know-how, Volta is able to optimally take all requirements into account and implement them with a short delivery time. The entire air heater range is covered with outputs from 0.5 kW to over 1 MW and from laboratory applications to power plants.

A modular system, a wide variety of designs and possible combinations allow either model series and series to be defined inexpensively and individually, depending on requirements, or a design that is optimized for each project and order. Whether duct installation, pipe installation or device installation, we can optimally cover your wishes for your electric heating register.

The equipment, material and accessories can also be combined in different ways to ideally cover the respective application.

The Volta heating elements of the heating register are also extremely versatile in their specification and possible application. Their large-scale, resistant and fiber-free design makes them extremely durable, environmentally friendly and ideal for use in both low and high temperatures.

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  • Air
  • Gaseous media
Configuration according to customer reqirements
  • Dimension in width (XL), height (XQ), depth (XT)
  • Design und connection type
  • Power, air volume
  • Outlet temperature
  • Connection voltage, number of operating groups
  • Thermostats und controls
  • Material and isolation
  • Additional equipment
Selectable process parameters
  • Temperature increase
  • Maximal heating rod surface temperature
  • Pressure loss for HVAC and climatic applications
Air heater designs and basic types
Heating elements / heating rods
  • Volta heating elements can be used in the low and high temperature range
  • Profile tube made of ST1203, VA 1.4541 or VA 1.4828
  • Special ceramics for ideal insulation and any length
  • Heating conductor in optimal specification for the respective process conditions
  • Volta heating elements are large, robust, fiber-free, environmentally friendly and enable easy disposal.
  • In the process, there is the advantage of a comparatively low surface temperature, low dirt adherence, good cleaning options, fiber coarseness, mechanical resilience and a wide range of applications.
Control systems
  • Integration of thermostats or temperature monitors and safety temperature limiters
  • Split of the power to several steps or operating groups as required
  • Coordination and delivery of suitable thyristors for power variation and flow monitors for air flow monitoring
  • Advice, design and delivery of a complete control system with temperature sensors and an external control cabinet
  • Temperature monitor adjustable with sensor tube
  • Safety temperature limiter adjustable with sensor tube
  • Double thermostats
Thermal Isolation
  • Different insulation options and unheated areas of the heating elements towards the flange plate in different lengths depending on the application and installation situation and design
  • Connection position adapted to the customer's insulation thickness on request
Industry solutions and areas of application
  • HAVAC - heating ventilation and air conditioning
  • Air conditioning units
  • Process engineering
  • Drying systems
  • Paint systems
  • Power plants
  • Offshore climatisation
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Cleaning systems
  • Food industry
  • Laboratory applications
  • Clean room climatisation
  • Environmental engineering
  • Plant engineering
Comparable products
  • Heating Rods
  • Ceramic flat heating elements
  • Ceramic round heating elements
  • Finned tubular heaters
Alternative naming
  • Electric air heater
  • Electrical air heater
  • Heating register
  • Electric heating battery
  • Electric heater
  • Duct heater
  • Duct heating register
  • Channel heater
  • Sealing air heater
  • Dryer heating
  • Clean room air heater