Heating of liquids

As a specialist in liquid heating, Volta offers a wide range of heating elements for this application.

Liquid heating and its various applications are as diverse as the solutions. Depending on the required heating output, installation situation and heated medium and other circumstances, suitable products are available.

Heating flanges and sectional heating elements and heating cartridges for cleaning systems, buffer storage and other industrial applications are supplemented by screw-in heating elements as frost protection heaters for air conditioning applications, heating cartridges for roof membrane production as well as various electrical heating elements for preheating gear oils or cooling water circuits.

The equipment or accessories program offers the possibility of other suitably specified parts such as temperature monitors and safety temperature limiters and, depending on the product of the equipment variant, exchangeable heating elements that make draining the liquid unnecessary.

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Flange heaters FHK


Volta flange heaters are used for the efficient and direct heating of liquids. The electric heating elements offer high performance and resistance ...

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Sectional heater HP


Volta sectional heaters offer the advantage of being able to be integrated into the tank and thus interchangeable without draining the heated medium….

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Heating cartridge HPS


Volta heating cartridges can also be individually configured for lower surface loads, these heating elements offer the advantage of optimal adaptation to the process conditions even for critical media ...

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Screw-in heater EHK


Volta screw-in heaters are used for the direct heating of liquids. The design is done according to customer requirements ...

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