Finned tubular heating elements


The finned tube radiators from Volta are available as a wide range of products. A wide variety of applications can be covered, such as building heating, cabin heating, catering and frost protection.

When used in standing air, the corrugated ribs provide a large surface area and allow sufficient heat to be given off even in these circumstances. IP66 / IP67 offers the opportunity for use even under harsh operating conditions such as dust and water jets. The unregulated version can be operated with an external thematic controller, the versions with step switch or built-in thermostat can be operated independently.



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  • Air
Wide product range
  • Different lengths and power
  • Different equipment variants
  • Various materials
Electrical properties
  • 230V, 400V 3, 400V 3 N
  • 120W up to 6000W depending on length and type
Radiator types
  1. RRHK -u (Radiator without step switch or integrated thermostat)
  2. RRHK -s (Radiator with step switch 1/3, 2/3 and full power)
  3. RRHK -a (Radiator with integrated thermostat adjustable from frostfree or +5°C bis +30°C)
  4. RRHK -f (Radiator for fire risk areas, < 115°C surface temperature)
  5. RRHK -fa (Radiator for fire risk areas with integrated thermostat)
  6. RRHK -nt (Radiator with low surface temperature of max. 67K overtemperature)
  7. RRHK -nta (Radiator with low surface temperature and integrated thermostat)
  8. RRHK -V4A (Radiator in material 1.4571 and types "u, a, s.")
  9. RRHK -sns (Radiator type "u" in special voltage 290/500 V)
  10. RRHK -sks (Radiator type "u" in safety small voltage 42 V)
Length and power
  • Length depending on power and type from 440mm until 2.640mm

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Material and heating coil
  • Tube and fins 1.4512 as special version 1.4571
  • Heating coil made of highly heat-resistant resistance wire
  • Junction box and cover of glass fiber reinforced polyamide
Industry solutions and areas of application
  • HAVAC - heating ventilation and air conditioning
Comparable products
  • Cartridge heaters HPS
  • Heating rods HS
Alternative naming
  • Radiator
  • Radiant heating
  • Electric heating