Tradition and experience are the basis of our performance

On an old house, the front door says:

This house is mine and yet not mine

It won't be the next one either

You also carry the third party out

Now tell me who this house belongs to

Transferred to VOLTA and its employees, this means accepting the existing task structure. The focus is on job requirements and networking within the team.

For many decades, customer-specific solutions have been created against the background of what is technically feasible, the wishes of the customers and the markets, and the innovative ability of VOLTA.

The customer request is the top priority.

Diligence, honesty, organization and motivation in all areas form the basis for fulfilling these customer wishes and thus for the success of the company. Motivated practitioners translate these into excellent products with which VOLTA is successful in many areas and industries.

The team spirit of the people involved in the VOLTA family is crucial:

  •     Participation in cohesion and cooperation
  •     Maintaining tradition and accepting tasks
  •     Preserve the VOLTA philosophy

That is the basis for the success so far.