Ceramic flat heating elements

The ceramic flat heating elements from Volta are a versatile configurable heating element. Applications include baking technology, the food industry and radiant heating. The properties and specification are designed depending on the customer, project or system type. This way, the respective application can be optimally covered.

The design results in a quick response and a comparatively uniform and soft heat radiation. At the same time, the mass of the heating element enables storage of the thermal energy and offers ideal conditions for economical and efficient operation.

Due to the open shape of the ceramic, the flat heating elements are particularly suitable for open heat radiation and attachment in a rail system.

The ceramic flat heating elements from Volta prove their sustainability through their durability, their fiber-free construction and the easy disposal option.

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  • Air
Configuration according to customer reqirements
  • Heating element length
  • Power und voltage
  • Equipment variants such as edge reinforcement (increased heating output in the edge areas) or connection on both sides
Electrical properties
  • Type 1 - 1x XXX V with 1 switching group
  • Type 2 - 1x XXX V with 2 switching group (different on request)
  • Type 3 - 3x XXX V with 1 switching group

  • 500 mm with 230 V max. 500 W with 3x400 V max. 1000 W
  • 1000 mm with 230 V max. 1000 W with 3x400 V max. 1500 W
  • 1500 mm with 230 V max. 1200 W with 3x400 V max. 2000 W
  • 2000 mm with 230 V max. 1300 W with 3x400 V max. 2500 W
Connection types
  • Glass fiber isolated strands in desired length
Heating element length, profile dimension and installation position
  • Heating element length minimal 150 mm and maximal 4000 mm
  • Profile width 28.0 mm and profile height 8.5 mm
  • Installation position horizontal
Heating coil and ceramic
  • Heating coil made of highly heat-resistant resistance wire
  • Special-isolation-ceramics
Industry solutions and areas of application
  • HAVAC - heating ventilation and air conditioning
  • Process engineering
  • Drying systems
  • Baking technology
  • Food industry
Comparable products
  • Air heaters / duct heaters
  • Heating rods
  • Ceramic round heating elements
Alternative naming
  • Heating element
  • Heating bar