Heating rods


The Volta Elektro Rapid heating rod is a versatile configurable heating element. It covers a wide range of applications in both the low and high temperature range.

The large surface area results in a comparatively low surface temperature. The shape of the heating element enables an even surface temperature distribution. The smooth surface allows only a small amount of dirt to adhere.

Due to the wall thickness of 0.8mm, the heating rods are resistant and already offer high structural rigidity.

As a closed heating element, the tightness class is up to IP 54 in contrast to e.g. to the heating grill with IP 00.

The Volta heating rods prove sustainability through their longevity as well as their fiber-free construction and the easy disposal option.

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  • Air
  • Gaseous media
Configuration according to customer reqirements
  • Heating rod length
  • Connection type and type of heating rod ends
  • Power and voltage
  • Material type profile tube
Electrical properties
  • Maximum 10A per heating rod
  • Maximum 200 Ohm per 100mm
Connection types and flange types
  • Flange 0
  • Flange E
  • Flannge A2 terminals 10mm²/ 16mm²
  • Heating rod bottoms spotwelded oder tightly welded
  • Flange spot welded or brazed
  • Electrical connection ends with more length (200mm +) and or peal insulation
Heating rod length and material profile tube
  • Minimal 200mm
  • Maximal 5000mm
  • Profile tube material bright steel or 1.4541, 1.4828
Heating coil and ceramic
  • Heating coil made of highly heat-resistant resistance wire
  • Special-isolation-ceramics
Industry solutions and areas of application
  • HAVAC - heating ventilation and air conditioning
  • Air conditioning units
  • Process engineering
  • Drying systems
  • Paint systems
  • Offshore climatisation
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Baking technology
  • Food industry
  • Laboratory applications
  • Environmental engineering
Comparable products
  • Air heaters / duct heaters
  • Ceramic flat heating elements
  • Ceramic round heating elements
Alternative naming
  • Heating cartridge
  • Heating element
  • Haeating bar