The Volta thermostat range can already be ordered integrated directly in the air heaters and other products, as well as, if desired, as an addition or separate delivery for on-site integration. A selection of various safety temperature limiters, temperature monitors and combination devices covers a wide variety of requirements and process conditions.

Wherever higher temperatures are used, safety is the top priority! According to DIN 57100 part 420 VDE 0100, two independent temperature monitors must be provided, one of which must be designed as a safety temperature limiter.

The excerpt from DIN 5710 part 420 VDE 0100 leads to “… blower heating systems must be installed in such a way that their heating elements cannot be put into operation until the intended air throughput is reached. You must shut down if the blower output drops unacceptably or the blower is switched off. There are also two independent temperature limiting devices, e.g. To provide temperature monitors and independent safety temperature limiters that prevent the permissible temperatures in the air duct from being exceeded. "

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Safety temperature limiter
Temperature monitors
Temperature sensor
  • Temperature sensor PT100

  • Thermocouple NiCrNi Typ K

    Temperature sensors are used for air flow temperature measurement, the thermocouples for monitoring the heating element surface temperature.