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Tradition and experience are the basis of our performance

Customer orientation and the know-how of an air heater- and heating element-specialist with optimally aligned processes and organization are things that have a long tradition at Volta and are constantly being developed further.

1927 Foundation by Consul Erwin Klingler. Location: Lindau „unterer Schrannenplatz“ in the "zur Glocke" house

1928 Manufacturing of electric cookers and electrical heating appliances


1930 Product expansion - production of electrical heating commercial devices


1931 Product expansion - production of electric wall radiators and electric room storage stoves


1932 Product expansion - production of Elektro Rapid Grill


1935 Relocation to a new location and expansion of production: Lindau, Freihofstrasse, production in the workshop of the Hellmann laundry factory


1935 Product expansion - production of electric water heaters and hot water storage tanks


1937 Product expansion – production of electrical church heaters


1938 Product expansion - production of electrical heating devices for food production


1942 Product expansion - production of air heaters for the ventilation and air conditioning industry


1945 Product expansion to include equipment for the pharmaceutical and beverage industry


1950 Relocation to a new location and expansion of production: Lindau, Wackerstrasse, Bad Schachen district


1950 Change of the company orientation and reorganization of the organization, withdrawal from the production of end products for private customers and concentration on production of products for the industry


1960 Conversion and focus of the production and the company philosophy on a customer-specific order production. Strengthening customer relationships by additional creation and delivery of designs and calculations as a service and thus conversion to a supplier and service provider for more complex designs and systems

Volta-orientation-on-customer-and project specific-products

1987 Modernization of production on CNC-controlled punching machines


1987 Introduction of IT, calculation and design of the products with own software

Volta-Introduction-EDP and EDP-supported-technical-design

1990 Development and market launch of air heaters with cold connections

Volta-development-and-launch-air heater with cold connection

1992 Restructuring of marketing with a new logo


1994 Relocation to a new location and expansion of production: Amtzell, Schattbucher Strasse. Reorganization of the company towards group work, quality assurance, database support, increased efficiency in office and production.


1997 Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001


2006 Strengthening of sales activities by redesigning the WEB presence


2010 Relocation to a new location and expansion of production: Hergatz district Wohmbrechts, Salzstrasse 17. Restructuring organization and production


2017 Acquisition of Elektra Lindau through an asset deal. Relocation and integration of processes and production to Wohmbrechts. Expansion of the Volta product range to include amongst others heating flanges for heating liquids, ceramic flat heating elements for baking technology and much more.

Volta-takeover-of-Elektra-Lindau-relocation-and-integration-of-processes-and-production-and-expansion-Volta-product range