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Volta GmbH & Co is a medium-sized company

which develops and manufactures special solutions in the field of electrical heating of air or gases and liquids. It combines innovation with years of experience and tradition. Together with the specialization in thermal heating elements, the focus is on the respective customer request.

In the interplay of technology, product design, manufacturing processes, constructive design and organization, everything is designed for maximum efficiency and flexibility, even for one-off production and small and medium-sized series.

For customers, customer-specific product series and designs can also be optimally designed to meet the requirements as well as device and system compatibility.

Owner-managed, Volta and its long-standing employees offer customer proximity and personal direct contact. Due to our speed, flexibility and design experience, customization is the normal case and not the expensive solution.

Short response times and delivery times as well as long-term direct personal contacts round off the picture.

Our products represent an optimum in energy output and efficiency within the product series.

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E-Mail info@volta.team
Phone: +49 8385 - 921 393 0