Safety temperature limiter ATHs-70U with Z-piece

The ATHs-70U with Z-piece works as a safety temperature limiter, with a manual reset button. The safety temperature limiter is encapsulated by TÜV in accordance with DIN 3440 and 4751 and IP 54. The temperature range is from + 50 ° C to + 300 ° C. The ATHs-70U is a safety temperature limiter (STL) with changeover contact and restart lock. The restart button is protected against accidental actuation by a cap nut.

Technical description

The surface mounting thermostat works on the principle of liquid expansion. If the temperature changes in a liquid-filled sensor system - consisting of a sensor, capillary and membrane - the volume changes. The resulting stroke of the membrane actuates the microswitch by lifting. Only the temperature sensor is used to record the temperature.

Switching function

(STL) If the temperature at the temperature sensor exceeds the set limit, the sensor plunger relieves the pressure on the microswitch and opens the circuit.

STL with changeover contact

When the set limit is exceeded, the circuit is opened and the microswitch is locked mechanically. The microswitch can only be unlocked manually after the set limit is undershot.

Switching element

Encapsulated microswitch with single-pole changeover contact and restart lock (opens when the temperature rises).

Restart lock

With the STL, the circuit is opened and mechanically locked when the set limit is exceeded. After falling below the limit by approx. 10% of the temperature range, the microswitch can be unlocked manually by pressing the restart button. The cap nut must be removed beforehand.