Made to measure at a standard price -
customer and project-specific electrical heating elements

  • Electric air heater
  • Electric flange heaters
  • Accessories, thermostats, controls and many other products


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Your specialist for electric air heaters

Volta-air-heating-electric-air-heater-heating-battery-and more
  • Tailored to your project or product series
  • Design optimal for your needs
  • Almost unlimited selection of designs and euipment variants
  • Process reliability at optimal costs

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Heating of air and gases

Volta-air-heating-electric-air-heater-heating-battery-and more

Volta electric air heaters are ideal for customer and process specific solutions. As a specialist, Volta offers you all the possibilities...


Heating of liquids

Volta-liquid-heating-electric-flange-heater-heating flange-and-more

The answer to your needs for liquid heating are the Volta heating flanges, heating cartridges and other available designs …



Volta-accessories-thyristors-power controllers-and-more-for-electric-air heaters-and-heating elements

In addition to the process-specific design, Volta also offers a range of accessories tailored to the products and applications …



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Tunnel heating with Volta heating registers ....
Volta heating flanges in heating hot water tanks ...
Customer solution Volta heating register for factory heating product line ...

About us


Tradition and experience are the basis of our performance

Concentration on your own "KNOW HOW"

"If you want to achieve successful performance, you don't have to be able to do everything, but something, but that's particularly good:”

According to this premise, the air heaters, heating flanges and other products are manufactured and developed at Volta today.

The company was founded in 1927 and has always been a "heating specialist" in the broadest sense. Innovation and specialization have been and still are the driving force behind long-term success.

Excellence through specialization

The path to specialization was mapped out in an effort to achieve top performance. This is the only way to achieve the necessary competitiveness and a reasonable sales price for the products.

Focus on customer requirements

The company Volta not only offers inexpensive series production, it is also "on the ball" when it comes to further development. Decades of experience have made it possible to tailor the product to special needs. Custom-made products according to customer requirements are at the top at Volta with a 90% share of sales.

Quality and environmental friendliness

Volta air heaters are very important worldwide. They have always been pioneeringly environmentally friendly thanks to fiber-free production. The robust design guarantees a long service life and ensures problem-free disposal.



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