Volta - FAQ´s

What should be considered when storing Volta heating elements? What influence does the storage have on the insulation resistance?

The storage of Volta heating elements and air heaters must be dry and dust-free.

Depending on the type of seal or design of the heating elements, the ceramic and or the filling can absorb moisture from the environment.

This can lead to a reduction in the insulation resistance.

If the storage has been for a longer period of time and possibly with higher air humidity, it can be baked out under the conditions mentioned below.

Baking out must take place under the same operating conditions as a new start-up and under observation of all safety devices and compliance with the Volta operating instructions.

Check the values ​​again after baking out. If these have not improved, the manufacturer should be consulted.

Last update on 2020-11-16 by Florian Dill.

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