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What should you watch out for when starting up a Volta air heater?

Prior to connecting the heating batteries it must be checked if the voltage indicated on the name plate agrees with the existing supply voltage. The heating batteries are connected together into one or more groups for switching purposes, and for three-phase supplies each switching group has three terminals, and for DC or AC supplies each switching group has two terminals and a terminal for earthing purposes for each switching group in addition. The parts of the housing or flange plates are made of metal and must also be earthed.

It is a general requirement that the electrical connection may be made by certified personnel only. The applicable regulations as per DIN 57100, part 420/VDE 0100, must also be complied with. The temperature safety limiter, temperature monitor, flow monitor and so forth must be controlled accordingly.

For the putting into operation itself the following things are relevant.

In the case of the embodiment with cold air inlet in line with types ERR/91 and ERRG/91 the heating element cables and the connecting bars are provided inside the duct. The air flowing through the heater cools the cable connections continuously thus reducing the heat in the IP 54 connection box. Therefore standard cables may be used.

In the case of very high final air temperatures or very unfavourable conditions (e.g. reduced air quantity or recirculated air operation depending on the method used)  there may be temperatures existing in the connection box which are no longer suited to use standard, rubber-insulated cables (this decision can be taken by the customer only). In this case use high temperature resisting cables, e.g. silicone, teflone or fiberglass insulated cables.

Depending on the distance between the control box and the air heating battery it is recommended to mount separate connecting blocks in a short distance to the air heating battery with the aim to save running metres of heat resisting cables.

The correct manufacture of the current supply connections and both earthings (electrical connection and housing) must be checked prior to the test run.

On the occasion of a test run all parameters, e.g. air quantity, final air temperature and so forth (Technical Data Sheet refers), must be completely complied with. In unfavourable cases partial considerations of or deviations from the values prescribed by the manufacturer (Technical Data Sheet refers) may cause damage to or destruction of the air heating battery.

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